To the official site of the Honorary Consul of Georgia in Cyprus.
It is a great honor to represent the ancient and rich history and culture with a country like Georgia.

My work will be the main task of the two countries, that is the bilateral relations between Georgia and Cyprus. I assure you that this area is very much an undertaking whose success depends on the implementation. An increasing number of people are visiting Cyprus to get acquainted with the history, lifestyle, and some even decide whether to stay in a temporary or permanent residence. It is in my interest to make them feel comfortable in our country.

In this regard, I would like to inform you that the Honorary Consul of Cyprus, works to protect the rights and interests of citizens permanently or temporarily residing in my competence.
This also includes the active work of cultural as well as economic relations along with the sharing of successful experiences in the field. This applies to tourism, the environment and sport areas.

The honorary consul has close ties to the diplomatic representation, with the agreement of their acts, when it comes to protecting the rights of citizens or legal entities that communicate with both the universally recognized norms and principles of international law.
Regarding the citizens who live in my consulate legal framework, I would like them to know that they can put forward the issues that they face in my office, as well as sign documents or other matters. I assure you that my office staff and I will make timely assistance and effective support of the citizens.

As demonstrated by the experience gained over the years, I feel a confident sense of success and I hope to play a significant role regarding the harmonious development of relations between Georgia and Cyprus in the field.

I wish you luck.

Yours sincerely, David Bakhtadze.